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Why the DJ is essential to your celebrations?


So, in order to prepare for a joyful and all-round successful celebration, you’ve invested your valuable time organising the best:

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Guests / seating allocations
  • Decorations / flowers
  • Photographer / videographer

Then comes the DJ.

While the setting may be spectacular and food delicious, more often than not, you and your guests will want to celebrate by dancing to great music. Music sets the atmosphere and brings out all different types of emotions which unite people together. Can just any DJ achieve this result? Absolutely not! A DJ can make OR break you event

In order to create the right atmosphere and unite your loved ones together on the dance floor, you need the right DJ.


How to find the right DJ?   You may very well be considering:

  • For convenience, do we hire just any random DJ ?
  • For value, do we go with X because Y was an extra $50?

Time of Our Lives Entertainment encourages you to broaden your decision making process and consider the following crucial factors:

  1. Do you know specifically who will be the DJ for your event?
  2. Is your DJ able to read any crowd and cater to their varying musical tastes? 
  3. Will you have direct contact with your DJ and will the DJ easily accessible?
  4. How much experience does your DJ have and are there any sample mixes created by the DJ that you can listen to? 
  5. What equipment will your DJ be using and is it reliable?

See the ABOUT US page to discover exactly what Time of Our Lives Entertainment is about, our mission and why we’re the right choice to go with when you hire your DJ.


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